Who Do You Let Influence Your Life?

Would you continue to ride your car despite having a flat in your car?
Would you drive your brand new car with 3 great tires and one flat tire? You’re probably thinking, “Of course not.” But guess what, we all do that figuratively. Not once, not twice, but many times in our life.
Let me ask you this: Do you drive with your emergency break on? It’s another way to ask “are you striving to win while you have someone or something pulling you down”?
Napoleon Hill constantly reiterates this point and is the source of the aforementioned powerful examples.  He believes we are the average of the 5 people we associate with or are influenced by on a daily basis.
Who are your 5 best buddies? How do they influence you? Do you choose your friends or does it happen at random? Do you let others come into your life and make an impact or do you choose who impacts your thoughts?

What I Learned from Apex Toastmasters, NC

Its not easy to have consistently practice a discipline, but some clubs are great at this mantra. While I was on vacation in Apex, North Carolina, I dropped into Apex Toastmasters. From the moment I stepped in to the room, I felt the energy of positivity and achievement. I can’t explain the energy in words, but I can surely share the observations that stuck in my mind after the meeting.

* Greet everyone like its the first time – No, not just the new members. Everyone greeted each other like they saw each other for the first time. Its safe to say that all members were emulating the role of a VPPR.


* Be on time – I am the first culprit as I didn’t practice this fully and completely to this very day in my club as a past club president. We were at least 5 seconds late. Apex Toastmasters started on time. When I say on time, I meant 7.15 pm sharp. The sergeant-at-arms did a marvelous job by saying… 3 minutes more, 2 minutes more, 1 minute more…lets take our seats.”


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Get Your Own Grit

“Nope, I’m not available Mr. President. I’m traveling this week to North Carolina on the 1st of September and I won’t be able to attend toastmasters meeting this week on the 5th. Will see you in 2 weeks.”

That was me telling my club president that I wont be able to attend our  club meeting as I’m travelling to North Carolina on holiday this week for 10 days. The good thing about Toastmasters is that it is everywhere you go. For me, Toastmasters stand for continuous education and self development. In most, cases we do not excuse ourselves from what others enforce on us to comply such as our job responsibilities, but we regularly excuse ourselves from our own self development.

Jim Rohn, one of the most respected success gurus, says, “Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.”

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How to Keep Existing Members Motivated

“I’m getting new members, but how do I retain my core team to support the growth?”
This is a firsthand plight of a club President. If you were a club president or part of the core team, you know what this means.
What makes people stick to a club? There is no single answer for this. Each person has their own unique needs and wants when they join a club or a social circle. Following are some key ‘needs’ my core team and I thought of while I was a president of Parsippany Toastmasters club. As the current VP PR I think about it more.
* Need for affiliation – why do some of us prefer a ROLEX over an unknown brand or why do we prefer BENZ/BMW over another? Simple answer is some of us get satisfaction and self worth thru association with a brand. Most of us have this in ourselves to be associated with a brand. Therefore, make the brand stand out so tall and valuable so that the members want to be part of it.
* Need for achievement – some of us need to achieve and that’s our top priority. The inner drive pushes us until we active are satisfied. The club which gives more opportunity to its members will stand out and appear more attractive to these kinds of members. Remember, its not about you. Its about them.

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Secrets to a Successful Toastmaster Year

How was your last Toastmasters year? Were you able to achieve the goals you set for yourself?

Let me give you some tips and tricks I used to achieve and exceed my goals which made a difference in my past year as a Toastmaster and gave me the opportunity to be one of the 6 speakers in the New York Spring Conference 2017 (Page 20).

    • Write down your goals and set dates to achieve them. Would we ever submit assignments if our teachers didn’t give us deadlines? Turn your inner critic to an inner coach and use the inner critic to guide you to keep to your promises to yourself.
    • Have a mentor/coach. It always helps to have a coach/mentor to guide you. All successful people constantly learn.
    • Visit other clubs and have maximum face time outside your club – get to know people and network with them in Toastmasters settings. The more doors you knock give you a better chance of having more doors being opened for you. Your potential is too big to be confined to your club alone.

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