Club Spotlight: Washington Park Toastmasters


“Our club is unique because our people are unique. Let me explain this in more detail. Most often you find clubs where the agenda is planned, people are in place, but at times things happen where there has to be some adjustments. Our members take the lead and aren’t afraid to adjust at the very last minute. We are strong, vibrant and welcoming to all who visit. We are a people that believe in morals, values and bringing out the very best of others. Creating that light airy, fun, inviting culture is what we strive to enhance even the club more. This wouldn’t happen unless we have those unique people who are crucial to the weaving of this club. We are better together!” – My’chal Wilkins

“My experience my about the club is interesting and fascinating because of the following:

  1. I am always welcomed regardless of how much time I take off from club activities.  Sometimes, I receive emails from club members inquiring if I am doing fine.
  2. My personal coach is always available to guide me with Toastmaster topics and materials. 
  3. I am inspired by some individuals who have perfected their communication skills but still keep coming to the club.
  4. I am also amazed by the generosity of Audible to allow us to share the food intended for their staff.” – Seku Sannor

“What makes our club unique is the relaxed atmosphere we create. Public speaking is something most people fear more than death, so our main goal is to make our club more approachable. Most people that come to our club decide to come back because we welcome everyone, never pressure anyone, and just have a fun time well trying to better ourselves. We’ve even had many Toastmasters visit us and tell us that our club is different from others they have visited!” – Justin Vierling

“The food is great every Friday; however what’s more important is the encouraging and aspiring atmosphere of our club. After I finished my Icebreaker project, although I don’t think I did very well, but everyone was encouraging which made me less nervous, and the evaluation were very constructive. All these give me a sense of achievement and lit my passion to do my next speech as soon as possible. Members like Anabel and Abiodun are very active when it comes to finishing their CC projects; senior members like Oren and My’chal are very professional about their evaluations and help us new members grow in Toastmasters. All these make our club a very unique club.” – Sam Zhou

“Diversity and a love for discovery are two things that make Washington Park Toastmasters club truly unique. I love how everyone roots for me to do well on my next speech and how they suggest topics when I get stuck. Cheers to Audible for helping us forge our path and I’m grateful for a club where I can be myself and share my opinions without feeling self conscious.” – Abiodun Adebiyi

“Everyone is someone at Washington Park Toastmasters. The come-as-you-are vibe is undeniable and contagious. Our club is consistent in every way. We take care of each other like family. We miss each other and bring out the best in each other. Even as one of the newest members of the club, I took a short leave of absence due to the passing of my grandmother. I came back emotionally ready to continue with the CC manual, but was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming love, support and best wishes of my Toastmasters Family. It put everything into perspective for me. Everyone is someone at Washington Park Toastmasters.” – Anabel Damacela

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