It is awesome to witness a spectacular speaker that engages the audience with a thought-provoking message, supported with colorful stories, and leaves you wanting more. We all want to become great speakers.  There is no feeling that compares to when the audience is completely connected to you and your message.  However, we often focus on the visual and vocal portions of our speech, often to the detriment of the written portion.

I believe that great speaking begins with great writing.  No great speaker became great by ‘winging it’ on stage.  To become great, you should pay the same or more attention to your speech writing as you give to your speech delivery.  It doesn’t matter if you are giving an ice-breaker speech, delivering a keynote address, or competing in a speech contest, I highly recommend that you write out your entire speech.  With a written draft of your speech, you have the ability to craft your message.

Anyone can write a speech; however, it takes practice and patience to craft a message.  While it may take a day or less to write a quick draft of a decent speech, the magic is in the crafting process.  It is that pains-taking process of reviewing, revising, and re-writing that simplifies and clarifies your message and the supporting points.  This process, which separates good writers from the great writers, can take weeks or years.  If you want to connect with your audience, your message must be well-crafted to attract and maintain their attention and address their specific needs.

About the Author:

Mario Lewis, DTM, is an award-winning, energetic speaker, and presentation coach, who provides audiences and individuals with motivational messages and strategies to become powerful and dynamic communicators. He delivers high-powered talks at leadership conferences, and corporate events that teach people how to CONNECT with their audiences to make their message unforgettable.  As a finalist in the Toastmasters’ 2012 World Championship of Public Speaking (and a semi-finalist in 2017 and 2018), the largest public speaking contest in the world, Mario has demonstrated the unique ability to engage audiences of all sizes and backgrounds.




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