Mentoring and It’s Benefits

Many new member feel the need for assistance in navigating how the process works and would like help with preparing for their first speech. By partnering an existing member with a newer member to provide support, the mentoring program addresses this need.

At Midtown Toastmasters, a specially curated position of VP Mentorship was created. The VP developed a club Mentoring Program to provide insight and support to all members.  The program partners new and existing members with a veteran member, who helps with preparation of the new member’s first speech or meeting role, navigation of Toastmasters education and leadership opportunities, input on assignments, and anything else the new member may need help with.

The Mentorship program benefits everyone. New members feel supported and become less overwhelmed during their first few speeches, which encourages guests to join because they see how our club makes new members feel comfortable. Mentors benefit because they are able to showcase their current skills and develop their leadership skills. In addition, it allows members to earn credit towards their Competent Leadership (CL) award.

Anyone can ask for a mentor. For example:

  • A club member may not have delivered a speech for a while, and may now feel hesitant about stepping forth. They can ask for a mentor to regain momentum and continue on their communication path.
  • A member preparing for a contest would benefit from working with a mentor to practice and sharpen the delivery of their speech.

The time commitment for a mentor is not huge either and can be managed with some planning. At Midtown Toastmasters, members sign up and agree on dates with their mentor/mentee that work for both.

Since launching the mentoring program, Midtown Toastmasters ensures all new members are paired up with more seasoned members. It encourages participation, teamwork, and provides for interaction and networking. All in all, it’s a win-win for everyone!


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Author: Supreet Bains-Sharma

I serve as VP Mentorship, a curated position created at my home club, Midtown TM. In this role, my job is to ensure each new member is supported by being paired up with an experienced member who acts as mentor. Now in its, second year, we are seeing benefits and feel that having this position is very valuable to club success.

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