Meet the Area Directors: Paul Ireifej

Name: Paul Ireifej

Position: Area 62 Director

Club(s): AT&T Middletown Toastmasters

What are your plans for the district/area/division?

I have three priorities for Area 62. First, I want to improve club climate in all of my clubs. Club climate determines if guests become members and if members are retained and developed. Club climate has to do with the learning environment provided by your club and member interactions. Second, I want to promote participation in club contests. Contests are a great way to sharpen your speaking abilities and delivered a practiced, polished speech that you don’t normally prepare when working through the standard manuals. Also it exposes you to delivering a speech in front of new audience members (if you get to area, division and district levels). Third, I want to focus on goal setting and planning to achieve Distinguished club status. If you plan ahead and set yourself up for success, your club can be distinguished. 

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