Toastmaster Spotlight: Cyndi Wilson, Region 9’s New Advisor

District 83 PRM, Jenna Barone, had the opportunity to interview a very special Toastmaster in our community, Cyndi Wilson, Region 9’s new advisor. Read on to learn more about Cyndi and her experience in Toastmasters!
1.) When did you join Toastmasters and what club(s) are you a member in?
I joined Toastmasters in December, 2007. Presently, I belong to three clubs: Impact 21 Club, Gold Coast Achievers Toastmasters Club and Hudson County Community College (HCCC) Toastmasters Club.
2.) What has been your favorite leadership role you’ve held so far?
Wow! That’s hard to say. I have held every club officer position, area and division governor (that’s what it was called at the time) and the top 3 district positions. I have enjoyed serving in those positions (sometimes multiple times!). If I really have to settle on one, it was my year as District Governor.
3.) What is your top goal as Region 9 advisor?
To support the districts to achieve/maintain excellence while exemplifying Toastmasters’ core values.
4.) With this pandemic going on forcing clubs to go virtual what is the best advice you can give members during this time?
Your club meeting has come to your home or smartphone; no driving to the location, no walking to a conference room!, Take advantage of it! Attend your club meetings online to enhance your speaking and leadership skills and your use of technology.
5.) (assuming you have been a member for some time now) How has Toastmasters changed over the years that positively impacted you?
Toastmasters’ change from paper to the digital environment really showed that Toastmasters knew that they needed to stay relevant for the generations in the workplace. Yes, we are social people and sometimes afraid to try new things, but moving into the digital space, that 24/7/365 global environment was timely and sorely needed.
6.) What has been the biggest takeaway from being a Toastmaster?
My biggest takeaway is that Toastmasters is an international family of members who support you, encourage you and love you. It matters not how our governments clash; when we are together, we care for each other. I am glad to be a member of this family!
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