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Who remembers their first visit to a Toastmasters club meeting? Were you “shopping” for a club? Were you nervous? Did you feel welcome? Had you visited other clubs? Did you join the first club that you visited?

My informal survey indicates that most people stick with the first club they visit. They would probably never return if they didn’t feel welcomed.

Keep up the good work!

New members are the lifeblood of thriving Toastmaster Clubs:

  • They provide new ideas.
  • They expand our vision and network.
  • They bring new enthusiasm.
  • They keep us on our toes.
  • They see things that we have become blind to.
  • They give us opportunities to mentor.
  • They replace people who leave.

How do we convert visitors to members? Greet them with a smile; make them feel welcome and “at home”. Make an effort to talk with them after the meeting. Go low-key on the selling of your club; people like to buy, not to be overwhelmed with the sale. Jot down their names to introduce them at the beginning of the meeting. Assign a member to “befriend” each visitor and sit with them during the meeting.

You probably already know everything written here; even so, a gentle reminder is always helpful.

Keep up the good work! Who knows? You may be the reason they join your club.

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